About H.I.

About our company

"H.I." was established by several friends with a common goal in Sanchong Renai Street in 1991, by right of the managing idea full of creative ideal and practice for food and drink art. Since the start, the company has done everything in its power to the R&D of vegetarian products and introduced the most appropriate vegetarian material and additives, due to the short of final vegetarian products in the market and the requirement of final vegetarian product manufacturers for the vegetarian materials.


It is the first company that devotes to the R&D of vegetarian food material in Taiwan. By many years of effort, we have passed the developing period of Taiwan vegetarian products together with the clients and manufacturers. The company moved to Zhongxing North Street, expanded the business and established the food additives preparation factory in 1995. Due to inadequate use of the site in 2009, we established second factory on GuangFu Road and move our administrative team to the place, expecting to provide better service quality.


However, we are not satisfied with the present achievement; as the information society is upon, we also make use of the Internet to keep introducing new food technology and new product to accord with the requirement of the society. We regard the R&D as an important source of the company to create the life force; we share the high service quality and profit with the client as the direct feedback to the cooperative manufacturers, in the hope to reach the complexion of common flourish and both win.


Our business philosophy: Integrity, Responsibility, Quality.

Be friendly to animals, Love the earth, Healthy diet.

History of H.I.

1991: "H.I." was established by several friends with a common goal on  Renai Street, Sanchong District, New Taipei City.


1993: Making all-out effort to develop and research vegetarian food. Introduced the most appropriate materials for vegetarian food.


1995: The company moved to Zhongxing North Street, expanded the business and established the food additives preparation factory.


2007: 1.Completed new factory purchasing plan on Guangfu Rd., New Taipei City. The land was 370 level ground, and the plant was 1200 level ground.

          2.Introduced ISO 9001 and HACCP into the company. And these two systems were verified by UKAS(England).


2009: The new plant was completed. Finished updating plan of mechanism equipments, computers, and Network system.


2011: 1.Introduced ISO 22000 and it was verified by UKAS.

           2.Installed a green roof in the plant and participated in a contest which was held by Urban & Rural Development Department, New Taipei City. Acquired "green roof demonstration spot of New Taipei City".





Corporate vision

Provide technological direction and help research and development. Satisfy the five requirements for color, savory, flavor, quality and nutrition of our clients.


These are builded on developing delicious and tasty vegetarain foods. Once we have good enough products, we can attract more customers to enjoy these foods with us. So that we can achieve our goal in the meantime.